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Salad Paper Bowl

We now offer an exclusive range of disposable salad bowls which come sustainable sourced and are manufactured using renewable resources which are completely recyclable. Ideal for your business’ needs, whether it’s takeaway, snacking on the go or to enjoy on site, your customers will be able to enjoy fresh food.

disposable salad bowl

our diposable salad bowl offer improved functionality, come with their own unique rustic design and have an air tight lid which will keep your products fresh from the moment they’re prepared to the second they are consumed, offering that essential consumer satisfaction.

disposable paper bowl for salad, chili, ice cream, desserts, and other dishes;

pe and pla (compostable) coated, moisture and grease resistant; safe for use in microwaves;

recyclable, food-grade, strong paper to help resist cuts and provide strength and rigidity;

can contain salad, fro-yo, nuts, snacks, candies, jelly shots, fruits, chili soup, mac, or cheese;

made only with renewable and biodegradable raw materials such as paper and bamboo, these salad bowls are stylish and resistant, combining convenience and sustainability, in line with the current eco-friendly needs.

they are available in four sizes and can be completed by a recyclable pet lid.

these salad bowls are the perfect solution for transporting mixed salads, rice salads and cold preparations, but also for reheating food.

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